Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India

Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India
Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India
Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India
Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India
Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India

Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India using Techaorha Monero Mining Pool





Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India is at very infant stage compared to other developed or developing countries. You can start mining here Let’s get Started.

What is Crypto Currency ??


A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Crypto currency is decentralized and requires huge computing power which comes from the node and pool, where miner earns the coins.

Who can earn/mine Crypto Currency


Any individual or group of an individual having a good computer preferably with a graphics card can earn/mine crypto currency like Monero(XMR) using Techaorha Mining Pool. The user can opt for other altcoins like Ether, LiteCoin etc. Just you have to dedicate your computer processing power in free time.

Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India why its Profitable for Individual and Country.

Crypto currency is widely accepted in Developed countries. Running and generating crypto coin requires computing power

Running and generating crypto coin requires computing power

So Indian software professionals can use their software knowledge and their computers to mine cryptocurrency. Since this currency is in high demand in other countries, they can sell the same to foreign counterparts using many online exchanges available in the market.

Just imagine if Chinese Miners (Software Professional) are bringing 1000 coins weekly they are adding 0.4 Million to their forex reserve with their computing power.

Why is India not ahead in Crypto Currency Mining?

A major factor is an awareness among IT professional, not much of the pool available. The second big reason is the availability of good graphics card since there is no manufacturing hub and buying imported graphics card is costly as compared to China. Another important issue is lack of knowledge of mining software and mining pools.


Is this crypto currency mining profitable?

Yes in a long run it’s very very very profitable. In 2010 when Bitcoin miner mined the coin their value was just $10 but not it has gone up to 3000$, so in 3 years they have become a millionaire with only 300 coins, which was very easy to mine during that time.

How much time will it take to earn one crypto currency?

That depends on a lot of factors. Main factors are computing hashing power, graphics card give better result compares to normal CPU. High-end mining graphics cards are too good for the professional full-time miner.

Do I need to invest money for Altcoin or Crypto Currency mining?

Big Nooooooooooooo. Don’t do that. If you have a good computer you can start mining. If you want to be a professional miner you can always buy good Graphics Processing Unit to learn quickly.

Where and How to Start mining crypto currency in India?

It’s pretty simple if you are software professional if not you can always take our help. Please visit the following URL for more details and got to “getting started page, the links will guide your form there.

Whats the take form the article of  Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India


You can start earning altcoins like Monero from your current system only.

It will add value to your pocket and to the nation as well.

Even if 10% of India’s software professional start mining they can reverse the graph shown above and can take a major share in crypto mining.

Crypto Currency is not much exchanged in India but they can bring a lot of revenue for India and for individuals.

No more resources are required to produce/generate/earn the coins just your computer power and electricity power, so you can earn the coins without much investing our natural resources.

It’s a very good experience to enter the market of digital currency

So let’s get started and mine your first crypto currency over here.



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