Our Team

Shailendra Bramhvanshi

"Visionary and Jack of All. Shailendra takes care each aspect of Business and he is loved by client for providing quick and easy solution's .Block Chain and AI  enthusiastic and firmly believes that Block Chain can bring the change to the world."

Umesh Mahadik
Co-Founder / Technical

Our Co-Founder Umesh is the Delivery Expert.Taking clients requirement , giving details attention to it , understanding the strength of Developers and then assigning the task. His dedication has won many praises from the client. A Manager with clear communication skill ensure the clients  knows what going on in the Project and when it will be delivered.

Sagar Salunkhe
Co-Founder / Finance

 "Tech geek ninja and Sherlock in bug tracing. Our co-founder an experience full stack developer curious about new technologies. A best mix of Techno-functional expert"

Natie Rautenbach
As a scalability expert focusing on large scale deployments and use of technology, Natie's primary vision is to assist governments growing their GDP by 1% through applied technology infrastructure in the ICT sector . Viewed as a futuristic and strategist, providing solutions in the technology space.

Natie comes with an astute sense of networking, business acumen, multi sector and industry experience.He is positioned to assist governments and organisations with their turnkey technology solutions, having a primary focus within Africa.

Prakash Taank
Mining Head

'Expertise in Crypto mining and Technical equipment with Arjun's focus on revolutionary and hybrid technologies for new blockchains, Forex trading expertise backed by 9 years of experience and supported by a creative eye to spot trends in the market.'

Aniket Petkar
Senior Software Developer

Sincere , Discipline and Hardworking are the words that describe Aniket. He understand what he is doing and always ready to help the colleagues and even taken the help from them. He is our best Team Player.People like him in Team are must have developer. Highly appreciate by clients for quick technical support in critical applications.

Dinesh Itkar
Sr. Software Developer

Take a task complete it then think on other stuff. Focus is they key strength of our Assistant Project Manager Dinesh. Many of our big projects are not possible without him. His focus ensures the client requirements are taken exactly and delivery is always ensure on time.


Prathama Gosavi
Senior Software Tester
Quality is gives completeness to subject ,Our Senior Tester Prathama  and her team ensures that clients never gives a second thought on her approved releases. A geek for Automation Testing , her innovation approach to testing has reduce the client cost drastically.She analyses all levels of software, Manually and using Automation Tools to Trace Defects.
Krupali Vasa
Account / Finance

As an Financial Manager Krupali is the back bone of thee Company , while the team ensure delivery she ensures that company balance sheet is good going and we always have a surplus for next 6 Months. Her roles is most important , she co-ordinates with the Project Managers and Client ensuring that client is enough content to release the payment as and when required.

Mithilesh Gogawale

Best ever Reverse Engineer every company needs. Just watch the "Pay Cheque" Movie, Mithlesh is the same guy. Can understand the project done by any developer in any languages and start fixing it in no time. Directly hitting the spot and get to the issues is are his key skills. Then fixing the bug follows.

Manoj Kolhe

I'm a Dev Wizard Who works behind the sceans to make sure our client's sites and app function in a way that make a sence to the user. I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve performance and make a better experience for the user while keeping the project on target and meeting our clients’ expectations.

Sushil Dongre

Great UI and UX Developer. Sushil is the developer who create first impression of work on Client. This is the point where client appreciates us lot. Sushil ensures User Experience along with look and feel of the project. He make the project acceptable to the client and the community.

Working with Techaorha form last 7 years he has delivered projects which are used worldwide.

Himanshu Bramhvanshi

A technology geek and a great consultant to Techaroha. We stuck with any technology or new tools Himanshu is always their to help the team. His awareness and reading capabilities for the latest technologies always ensures that he is well updated with redlining technologies.