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Your Face, Your Currency, Say Goodbye to Cards and Cash!

Are you ready to transform the way your customers pay? Say goodbye to traditional payment methods and welcome the future with Pay by Face – Techaroha's innovative solution for seamless, secure, and contactless transactions.

Introducing Futuristic Mode of Payment: Pay by Face!

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Introducing Futuristic Mode of Payment: Pay by Face!

Welcome, to Techaroha - Who has gained expertise in developing face recognition payment solution that redefines convenience for businesses and their customers!

Imagine people walking down into a supermarket without their wallet, phone, or any cards, yet still being able to shop. With Pay by Face, all they need is to scan beautiful faces to make purchases directly from their respective bank account or credit cards. There more they stop suppressing their urge to shop, the more your sales figure goes up. No more excuses of forgetting their wallet, or cards, or not carrying cash will refrain them from shopping. With Pay by Face, your customers' faces become their currency, ushering in a seamless and futuristic payment experience.

Pay by Face goes beyond convenience; it's a game-changer for the way businesses and consumers interact. Say goodbye to the need for cards or cash, Pay by Face transforms the payment experience, maximizing efficiency and eliminating headaches for vendors and customers alike.

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What is Pay by Face?

Pay by Face is a revolutionary payment system from Techaroha that uses facial recognition technology to make shopping easier for businesses like yours. It means your customers can pay for their purchases without needing their physical cards, cash, or mobile wallets. Whether you run a mall, shop, brand, mart, or outlet, Pay by Face offers a simple and convenient way for your customers to make transactions. There more they stop suppressing their urge to shop, the more your sales figure goes up. No more excuses of forgetting their wallet, or cards, or not carrying cash will refrain them from shopping. With Pay by Face, your customers' faces become their currency, ushering in a seamless and futuristic payment experience.

Benefits of Pay by Face

For Customers

Smooth Transactions

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying around cards or cash. With just a simple scan of their face, customers can effortlessly complete transactions, without any hassles.

Enhanced Security

Biometric verification ensures only authorized individuals can make payments, reducing the risk of fraud or theft linked with traditional methods.

Speedy Checkout

Thanks to Pay by Face, the checkout process is now faster than ever before! Customers can complete their purchases with lightning speed, making long lines a thing of the past.

Inclusivity at its Finest

Pay by Face is an innovative payment method that offers seamless convenience to all customers, regardless of physical disabilities or limitations.

Boost Sales

The ease of Pay by Face prompts spontaneous purchases and drives up overall sales by making it more likely for customers to make transactions.

Secure Method of Payment

Pay by Face offers double authentication factor, through biometric recognition and a secret PIN for additional security.

Streamlined Operations

With quicker checkout processes, merchants can cater to more customers in less time, resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

By providing a seamless payment experience, vendors can cultivate stronger connections with customers, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

For Vendors

How it Works?

In just three simple steps, Pay by Face revolutionizes the payment experience for both customers and vendors, making transactions effortless and secure.

Step 1

With the Pay by Face app, customers can easily register their facial profiles and payment details.

Step 2
Facial Recognition

During checkout, customers simply scan their faces at the POS terminal or camera-equipped device.

Step 3
Payment Authorization

The system quickly verifies the customer's identity and safely authorizes the payment, guaranteeing a smooth and dependable transaction.

Experience a seamless way of payment with Pay by Face!

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Key Features

White-label Solutions

Elevate your brand with Pay by Face by seamlessly integrating it into your business infrastructure. Offer your customers a personalized payment experience that stays true to your brand's image and values.

Simplifying API Integration

Effortlessly integrate Pay by Face into your existing POS systems, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps using our versatile API. Expand your payment options and connect with a wider customer base through the latest facial recognition technology.

Customization Options

Tailor Pay by Face to perfectly fit your unique business needs, including customizable options for loyalty programs and user interfaces. Increase customer engagement by providing a seamless payment process that aligns with your brand identity.

Multi-factor Authentication

Ensure secure transactions with facial recognition and additional verification methods. Enhance security to protect against unauthorized access and potential fraud attempts.

Security Compliance

Adhere to industry-standard security protocols and regulations. Mitigate the risk of data breaches with a secure payment solution.

Boost Your Business

Elevate your business operations with comprehensive transaction management tools and thorough reports. Gain valuable insights and optimize your payment processes for maximum profitability.

GlobalMart's Success Story

Imagine a bustling retail chain like "GlobalMart" embracing Pay by Face to revolutionize the checkout experience for their customers across India and the UAE

What They Say About Us

A few remarkable remarks about our dynamic service Pay by Face. A service that boosts the business of vendors and makes their customers happy.

Pay by Face has completely transformed the way we serve our customers at GlobalMart. With faster checkout times and happier customers, our sales have soared!

- John Doe

CEO of GlobalMart

We never imagined that paying with your face could be so effortless! Thanks to Pay by Face, shopping at GlobalMart has become a breeze.

- Jane Smith

Satisfied Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay by Face ensures maximum security through two-step authentication, combining advanced facial recognition technology with a secure PIN entry process, encrypting and storing biometric data securely.
Yes, Pay by Face offers seamless integration options, including APIs for POS systems, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps. Our team will assist you in integrating Pay by Face into your existing infrastructure with minimal disruption.
Pay by Face is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, including POS terminals, cameras, smartphones, and tablets. Our flexible solution ensures a seamless user experience across various environments.
Pay by Face is available for businesses of all sizes, from small retailers to large-scale enterprises.
Pay by Face enhances customer experience by providing a seamless, touchless payment process that speeds up checkout times, reduces friction, and caters to customers of all abilities.