Listing Crypto Coin on Exchanges. How To Figure Out which Exchange

Techaroha helps with Listing Crypto Coin on Exchanges with the minimum possible fees. Below blog will help you to explore different exchanges and cost to list your coin on the exchanges.

List Your Crypto Coin on National and International Exchanges
List Coin on National and International Exchanges

Note: All figures and Stats mentioned are as on date of analysis. This might have changed when you are viewing the article.

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Brief Requirement of Study


  • To Study the Impact of coin on Different Exchanges
  • To Find the best possible exchanges and list the coin
  • To mention the risk , pros and cons  of Different Exchange
  • Cost involved to list the coin and ROI


Service We need to Buy from Exchange

  1. Coin Listing
  2. Air Drop of our coins
  3. Emailing to existing Users
  4. Some assurance of Minimum Buy


General Analysis  – Importance of Exchange

Main target to list the coin on exchange is

  1. To get more buyers of our coin.
  2. To Give worldwide exposure to our coin
  3. To get Listing in Coin Market Cap

Let’s get directly to the quantitative analysis. See the table below

Exchange Name Total Volume Low Volume Coin (Less than 0.001 BTC) Percentage of Total 4000 BTC 3 < 1% 154704 BTC 10 <1% 40582 BTC 50 > 30% 3731 BTC 70+ >50% 800 BTC 50+ >50% 32 BTC 100 > 60% 250 BTC 3 >50% Not Known 3 >80%


Above table clearly shows that  considering the exception of Poloniex and Binanace , it’s clear that Coin Listing in Big Exchanges doesn’t guarantees that coin will be purchase on huge volume.

Even in very big exchanges there are coins which don’t have enough volume. Coin volumes mainly depends on following factor

  1. How much big is the community
  2. How much active is the development team
  3. How many places where coin is readily accepts as other form of payment
  4. How Strong is the technicalities of the coin.
  5. How strongly it’s being promoted and it’s being brought in the attention of Crypto Users.

Time Taken to Grow on the Exchanges

After coin is being listed on the exchanges , it’s not wait and watch. Lot of efforts need to put up to get the users attention.

To do self sell and purchase and buy more coins , this needs to be done to pump up the rate.

Coin dumping needs to be avoided to maintain the rates.Need to ensure private source code or heavy mining machine. Because Crypto Miners immediately start mining and sell them when the price is right. They may even start dumping the coin.

After all the above steps are taken post listin the coins , lets see how much time is required to attend the organic 1 BTC Volume. Without our own pumpers.

Time Taken By Exchanges to Reach 1 BTC Volume in Organic Way No Pumping by Founders

Exchange Name Total Volume Time in Months Comments 4000 BTC 3-4 Months No Guarantee but chances are high 154704 BTC 3-4 Months No Guarantee but chances are high 40582 BTC 6-7 Months No Guarantee. Chances are high if you by their other services 3731 BTC No Guarantee 800 BTC No Guarantee 32 BTC No Guarantee 350 BTC 4-5 Months Guarantee if you buy Specific Package. Not Known No Guarantee


Above analysis clears that reaching volume is again off line work , it’s like promoting coin to international users. International Crypto Users are not fool to buy the coin , just seeing them on Exchange. Lot of other efforts are required , main in marketing and technical upgrade of coins on regular basis.


Pros and Cons of Exchanges

Lets analyse the pros and cons of reference exchanges and see where we fit.


Exchange Total Volume Pros Cons 4000 BTC High Volume , Listed on Cryptomarket , Good User Base Check  Criteria , many coins don’t fit here 154704 BTC High Volume , Listed on Cryptomarket , Good User Base Check  Criteria , many coins don’t fit here 40582 BTC High Volume , Listed on Cryptomarket , Good User Base Many coins are listed , No attention to small coins , high listing fee of upto 10-25 BTC 3731 BTC High Volume , Very High User Base , Listed in Cryptocompare Bad Support , Many Coins without Volume , No Attention to Small Coins 800 BTC Average Volume , Average User Base , Listed in Cryptocompare Many Coins with 0 volume , No Support from Exchange related to Coin Boost Up. 32 BTC Listed in Cryptocompare Airdrop is cheap and can help to boost coin presence Many Coins with 0 volume, No attention to new or small coins. Airdrop is average 250 BTC Average Volume , Great Support for Coin Pumping.Average User Base , Accepts private repository with additional payments Not listed in Cryptomarket will take more 4 months as mentioned by support team , Average User Base , Support response time is 24 Hour which is slow. Not Known Cheap Listing in around 0.1 to 0.2 BTC. Good Support in 24 Hours. Withdrawal cycle every 6 Hours. Low Volume , Low User Base , Not listed in Cryptomarket


Understanding Exchange Fees

Every Exchange has some good features and their fees is also high.Coin Owner needs to choose between the best available features and his requirement and most important is the budget. Below is the rough comparison of different exchanges in relation to Budget.

Exchange Name Total Volume Fee Services Comment 4000 BTC      0 BTC Only Coin Listing Coin’s don’t feet into Criteria. 154704 BTC     0 BTC Only Coin List , Airdrop Coin’s don’t feet into Criteria. 40582 BTC     10-25      BTC Coin LIsting , Aird Drop , Twitter Update Too Costly 3731 BTC     1.5 BTC Coin Listing , Airdrop If Not Listed 100% refund guarantee. 800 BTC    0.5 to 5 BTC Coin Listing IN Most cases its 2-5 BTC since 32 BTC    1 BTC Coin Listing Low Volume 250 BTC    0.3 – 3 BTC Coin Listing .Guaranteed Purchase of upto 1000$ Per Month. Will take 4 Month to be on Cryptocompare Not Known    0.1 to 0.3 BTC Coin Listing , Airdrop Growing Slowly good investment for long run.


.Hope You would have understood the above analysis. Though we have mentioned the exchanges name , but consider them as a category and then take our decision.

Consider them as 8 Types of Different exchanges.

Launching and developing the coins is very very simple task , but putting it in right place in front for right people is a very big challenge.

If you still need help you can always contact us at : +91 8422996372. If you want to submit any of your query please click here.


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