Biggest Problem of India Solved with Pothole Detection System

Biggest Problem of India  Solved with Pothole Detection System
Biggest Problem of India  Solved with Pothole Detection System
Biggest Problem of India  Solved with Pothole Detection System
Biggest Problem of India  Solved with Pothole Detection System
Biggest Problem of India  Solved with Pothole Detection System

Pothole Detection System by Techaroha for Indian Roads

Why ??

Pothole are a biggest hurdle in the development of the country.They harm citizens in directly or indirectly in many ways.Pothole Detection System can solve the Problem faced by Every Citizens of our Country.

1. 10% percentage of Fuel is loss due to Potholes causing an unnecessary loss of 8.5 Billion that is 56 thousand cores

2. Death Due to Potholes in India – 3597  , which is much more compare to any other unnatural death cause in India

3. Millions of Man Hours are lost due to people stuck in traffic because of Pothole.

4. Thousand Crores of Good Wasted Due to Potholes


Pothole the Biggest Problem . They are hurting

Everyone knows what the hell potholes are. It’s one the biggest problem faced by every individual in the country. Whatever the way of commute citizen has they have to suffer because.  of Potholes.

Pothole problem is so common in India and its being there for such a long time that normal people have stop complaining about , people have adopted pothole as the way of life.

Damage because of Pothole

  • Society

      1. Potholes has caused 3597 last year , which is much more that any other cause of unnatural deaths
      2. They create traffic jab wasting lot of human hours
      3. Damage Roads leads to burn more fuel leading to more pollution
      4. Jerk due to Potholes leads to several health problems including back issues and pain.
  • India Rupees

    1. India import 85 Billion Dollar of fuel i.e 6 Lac Core (6,00000,00,00,000). 10% of fuels is wasted due to potholes.  We can save lot of this money and increase the rupee value
    2. Damaged to imported vehicles caused due to potholes further increase the dollar bill hitting rupee badly
  • Goods

  1. Lots of perishable goods like soft fruits are wasted in huge quantity due to potholes.
  2. Vehicles life is reduce and their efficiency decrease due to potholes
  3. Percentage of damage goods increase compared to good roads.

Why potholes are not fixed

If potholes are such big problem why they are not fixed. With huge budget allocated to Municipal corporation the road could be fixed. Major question is why even the potholes to such deadly extends occurs.What’s the quality of roads. Is the road being checked and audited.

There are many such questions. Whats the answer then.

Lets understand why potholes are there in first place

  1. Road are faulty.Material is not good. It should be inspected after building. It should check check regularly to find the first occurrence of potholes
  2. Even a small pot holes is detected it should be fixed up as early as possible. But due to vast network of road many of the potholes is not noticed by authority and with the course of time it becomes to big.
  3. Pothole fixing is not up-to the mark.When a pothole is fixed authority should monitor first defect in fixing , so that authorities can know how good was the road pothole fixing. They can easily identify the good and bad contractor. Saving lot of taxpayers money.


   Conclusion for Pothole Problem

Conclusion is pretty simple monitoring the main issue. If road potholes and new road are properly monitored and  fixed on time many bad things like death , back pain , fuel wastage can be avoided.

Over a period of time bad contractors and good contractors can be modified , corruption can be fixed  and we all will have good roads like any other foreign countries.

Monitoring Roads with Humans is not possible, since its not accurate and it may lead to huge amount of corruption which is again a big problem of India.

Only way out is to have a good automated system which will monitor the potholes in road and will inform the authority and will keep a log of data for future audit.We called it Pothole Detection System

Solution to Pothole Problem in India

“Monitoring road with a Fully Automated Drone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning Algorithms.” i.e Pothole Detection System

Above system can solve one of the big problems of our country i.e Pothole. Eventually it will reduce fuel consumption , reduce road accidents , reduce traffic and save man hours.

Detail Explanation
Road and Pothole Detection System will require 3 Different System

  1. Drone
  2. Web Application for Interaction
  3. Artificial Intelligence

    Drone for Pothole Detection System

    A road will be decided for monitoring. The map of road will be feeded into the road. Road may be of 50 to 100 KM or More. Drone will navigate the road in regular interval of time.
    Navigation Timing of Drone

    1. Navigation by Drone can be timely base i.e they will monitor the road every 7 Week.
    2. Drone can be triggered on the completion of Event. Event like a Pothole is fixed , Pothole Contract is completed , Road Maintenance Contract is completed etc.


    Drone will travel as per the feed map and will record videos. Videos will be feeded to the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning  Layer. This Deep Learning system will identify the potholes.
    As soon as pothole is detected, Drone will record the geo coordinates of the pothole location and date and time of detection.
    Details of pothole along with geo coordinates  will be sent to Back End , which can be used to authority.Authority can view all the potholes detected by AI System.
    Drone will also be fitted with laser measurement system. With the laser system the depth of severity of the potholes , its dimension can be known. It will help to define the severity and priority of the Pothole. It will help authority to act on orderly fashion and get rid of more dangerous pothole with highest priority.

    Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning Layer

    Machine  Intelligence and Deep Learning Layer will help  help to find the path hole with Image Processing and Feature extraction.

    Here we are using two branches of Artificial Intelligence.

    1. Deep Learning
      1. Deep Learning will help to extract the features from image and video and will help to identify the potholes.
      2. This Deep Learning will go stronger with the time , as more and more data is inserted into the system.
      3. Deep Learning will process the images , extract the features , match the system with the existing database and will check out whether potholes exist in the given road or not.
    2. Machine Learning
      1. System will record the data about potholes in the road, Vendor who has fixed the road, Vendor who has build the road.
      2. Application will record the data about repeat occurrence of potholes and their time stamp.
      3. Above data will Machine Learning will help to identify the best Vendor for certain type of pothole fixing.
      4. With the data from laser measurement devices application can also define the severity of the pothole reducing human error in defining the order of fixing.

    Web Application for Interaction

    1. Web Application for Pothole Detection System will act as front end for user , authority and vendors.
    2. All the potholes identify by the Drone will be visible in the web application.
    3. User can  club the potholes and create a contract for the fixing of potholes.
    4. Web Application will suggest best possible vendor for the Job depending upon the past experience.
    5. As soon as Job is closed , Drone will take an inspection of the newly built or fixed road.
    6. Web Application will provide MIS to the user to take the informed decision.
    7. Let’s say Pothole is fixed on 1st of Month and it occurs again on 17th of month , alert will be generated throughout the month they system that potholes has reoccurred before the expected date and some measurement needs to taken against the vendor and it should if fixed at the earliest.

    Benefits of Fully Automated Pothole Detection System

    1. India will be  a Pothole Free Country.
    2. Good Quality and High Durable roads will be developed because of strict monitoring of the roads.
    3. Reduction in corruption since faulty contractors will be identified and only good contracts will get the work for road construction and maintenance.
    4. Death due to road accident will reduce considerable.
    5. Pothole Detection System will eliminate the death due to Potholes.
    6. Huge reduction in loss of manpower in traffic.
    7. The hazardous health effect of pothole will be reduce
    8. No damage to goods in vehicles due to Big Potholes.
    9. Increase in the efficiency of the Vehicle resulting in less oil consumption , less oil import and good Rupees values against dollar.

For Any further details and if you are interested in this  Projects you can always contact us over here.