Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

Balance Sheet Analysis Tool
Balance Sheet Analysis Tool
Balance Sheet Analysis Tool
Balance Sheet Analysis Tool
Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

Balance Sheet Analysis tool is a must-have tool for Bankers, Auditors and a third-party vendor who works for Bank. Balance Sheet Analysis Tool help’s to convert the dirty scan image pdf file into meaningful data.

In this blog, we will try to understand how the Balance Sheet Analysis tool works on PDF. How to use it, it benefits, prons and cons and everything else.

If you know everything about the balance sheet analysis tool you can directly go to the Analysis tool Just click over here. or Visit

Major problems with Balance Sheets PDF

Before going to problems let me tell you to balance sheet is the must-have a document for Business Loan Application. Business loans like Working Capital, Fixed Capital, Office Loan, Overdraft Limit all require

Problem with Manual Balance Analysis Current Method.

To understand the problems with Balance Sheet analysis of PDF copy lets understand the current process of Balance Sheet Analysis by Banks

Existing Process

1. Scan Images of Balance Sheet in PDF Format

Bank receives thousand of loan applications(Just considering Business Loan other loans)on a daily basis. And with every loan application Bank receives a Balance Sheet of the Company.

CA prepare and signed the balance sheet for the Company. Afterward, the Balance Sheet is scan and then sent to the bank for the loan approval in PDF Format.

These scan files are difficult to read and not searchable. The worst part for ratio analysis and loan approval all the pages are not required.

Well, few balance sheets of big companies are in text format and easily searchable. But they are very rare and contain 100-200 Pages. And banks just need 4 pages out of that.

2. Shortlisted the files for Ratio Analysis

This work is hectic since we can’t search from the image file. But still, we have to do it because it’s important. Those 3 files especially Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Cashflow are very important for loan approval.

It’s the most difficult part. Bank just needs 4-5 Pages out of those 50 Pages. They ask the third party or the staff to dig our important pages from the balance sheet.

3. Extract data from Balance Sheet

Now we have the shortlisted pages from which data needs to be extracted regarding companies’ finances. This step takes most of the time in the complete process of Balance Sheet Analysis.

But still, banks need to this for loan processing. In the process bank employees or third part, manual read figures from scan pdf file. Then he enters the data in the excel sheet.

Later on this excel sheet is for credit analysis or ratio analysis. This excels many times is directly entered into the credit rating software.

Problems with existing above process

Though I have just mentioned 3 steps it takes around 4 hours to complete the process. Sometimes more than that if the company is big.

Process of shortlisting takes around half an hour(3o minutes) if the user is highly trained with all the Notes to Accounts. Then the user manually enters data which takes around 2-4 hours.

So we can say, the existing process has following drawbacks

  1. It’s very time consuming
  2. The existing process requires a lot of human labor
  3. Then the problem of customer irritation, since customer have to wait for days for loan approval or rejection
  4. We can never forget the human error that may occur during reading and entering values into excel sheet

New: Balance Sheet Analysis Tool for 2020

Balance Sheet Analysis Software develop by Techaroha is a very very simple and powerful tool.

Just upload the pdf, get the excel data. All this is just 2 minutes. Post this you will have to review for AI error if any. After review just submit the excel sheet for ratio analysis. Well, don’t worry we will discuss in detail how this work and why this is so useful for the credit industry.

Balance Sheet Analysis Tool develop by Techaroha Solutions Private Limiteda=

Let’s see how this Balance Sheet Analysis Tool Work

Register to gain free access

Actually there is no need to explain this step. But still, for your convenience, I will try to explain. Just open the link Registration for Balance Sheet Analysis.

Enter Email Address, Name, and Password. You will receive a confirmation email. Approve the email and you are good to go.

Upload the Balance Sheet Scan Image PDF

You might have recieve the balance sheet in PDF format from your customer or businessman seeking a business loan. That image could be a text pdf or scan images with the signature of CA.

Just upload the file on the screen. You can you drag and drop option or use select from the browser option. But please remember one thing over here. Uploading may take around 20-50 seconds. It mostly depends on the size of your pdf and the number. And also your internet speed.

Wait for getting shortlisted PDF

As soon as you upload the pdf, the status becomes pending. You will see tabs. The first tab is for Shortlisted PDF and another tab is for tabular data from pdf.

When we get the balance sheet statement in pdf format it has many pages from 30-400. I know it sounds strange but it’s true.

As a banker or auditor or finances, we just required 3-4 pages of statements and few pages of Notes. Since the balance sheet has many other pages, this balance sheet analysis tool filters out the pages and gives us the pages which are of most important.

These filtered pages are combined into the single pdf. Which is available for download from the shortlisted pdf tab. This shortlisted page is just for your review in case something goes wrong.

Get Balance Sheet Data in tabular format

Once the system filters out the pages, it starts processing those pages. In the process, it identifies the table and number’s in it.

The AI, ML logic identifies the tabular structure and renders it in an HTML table with almost 90+% accuracy.

This balance sheet analysis tool identities tables and number and particulars from this 3 pages

  1. Consolidated Balance Sheet Statement
  2. Consolidated Profit and Loss Statement
  3. Consolidate Cash flow statements.

There scan Balance Sheet PDF has more pages containing tabular data with values. But as of now this tool only filter out those pages. It doesn’t work their tabular data.

Get the data in Excel Format from Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

This is the most important and beautiful part of the Balance Sheet analysis tool. You know the majority of credit rating software and credit analysis software accept excel data but not the scan file pdf data.

And this is the reason users spend hours converting image data into tabular data in excel format. So to solve the problem balance sheet analysis tool gives the output data in tabular format.

In the second tab of the result page, you will see the download option. Just click on the download option and get you to excel data from the pdf balance sheet immediately.

Benefits of Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

  1. Reduces time from 4 hours to 4 minutes or less.
  2. In General, the businessman waits for 2-3 days to get the status of Loan Application. With the help of this tool, you can reply to the businessman within an hour.
  3. Save irritation to employees from doing the same word again and again.
  4. Human resources can be used for a much more productive purpose rather than doing repetitive work.

Features of Balance Sheet Analysis Tool by Techaroha

  1. It doesn’t rely 100% on AI Logic. The shortlisting features given with this tool helps to review the meaning of full pages quickly and efficiently.
  2. It’s available on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and anytime
  3. Uses a mixture of technology like AI, Machine Learning and human logic to improve the accuracy
  4. Fast and reliables
  5. It’s trained on a daily basis with every new pdf uploaded. Making it more accurate over time.

Limitation, Precaution, and problems

Well, the tool is great but it has some limitations. Due precaution needs to be taken while using the balance sheet analysis tool. Since a small mistake may take away your customer. Or you may approve a loan which turns an NPA

Consider these points when you balance sheet analysis tool of Techaroha or any other tools available

Limitation of Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

  1. Though it’s very user-friendly and saves lots of time compare to the traditional methods, AI has its limitations. They can never be 100% accurate. So please review the excel data at least twice before you submit the same for credit rating or loan approval.
  2. Though it takes just two minutes for processing many users get irritated. Because we have the mentality that with 4G internet everything should work fast. But this is not the case. Please give 2 minutes to the system to analyze the balance sheet.

How to improve the accuracy of Balance Sheet Analysis

  1. Ask for clean and nicely scan Balance Sheet PDF from customer or banks
  2. Please ask the customer balance sheet copy which is properly aligned.
  3. If any signature or stamp required on the Balance Sheet, ensure that it’s on the empty space not on numbers.
  4. If any pdf is not working please contact the support team. They will train the system so that if you scan the same type of pdf next time it will work properly

How to Analyze the balance sheet using the Balance sheet analysis tool.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step by Step guide to using the Balance Sheet Analysis tool to analyze balance sheet pdf

  1. First register and login to the web portal

    Please visit the website . Click on register and log in. Once login you are ready to upload the pdf in the dashboard itself. And please don’t forget to verify your email. Otherwise, you won’t be able to log in.Register and login to balance sheet analysis tool

  2. Upload your PDF file

    Drag and Drop your pdf file or select the file using a file browser.
    Please wait for the file to be uploaded.

  3. Wait for Shortlisting pages

    As soon as you upload the file the AI will start its work and file processing will start. You will be redirected to this screen. Initially, it will show the status of the Shortlisted PDF as pending.
    But don’t worry in a few seconds it will say Shortlisted PDF status as completed. You don’t need any action here. Just wait and watch

  4. View the Tabular Data

    In a few minutes system will show status as complete or partial completed. If it shows partially completed please don’t worry.
    Partially completed means the scan pdf doesn’t have any of the main sheets like Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss or Cash flow.
    Now click on the Report/Excel tab of the balance sheet analysis screen, you will see the scan image data in the tabular form of the HTML table.Tabular data of Balance Sheet from scan pdf image

  5. Download the excel sheet and submit to credit rating software or ratio analysis software

    In the report/excel tab, you will see the Download option. Just click on it and download the excel sheet.
    But please remember one thing. Don’t submit the excel data directly to other software. Please review it twice and do the corrections if any.
    Because though it fast AI is not 100% accurate.


What is the Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

Balance Sheet Analysis tool is a software or web portal which takes the scan pdf images of the balance sheet as input and converts them to excel data for credit rating software. Such software generally uses AI, ML, OCR to extract information from scan images of the Balance Sheet.
But this software can be expanded for ratio analysis and credit rating. It depends on the features of the software.

What is the Balance Sheet Analysis PDF

Even Google is confused about this query. It shows the result of the PDF. Instead, it should show the result for tool or software or website which converts balance sheet pdf into meaningful data for credit rating or ration analysis.
But it’s showing a list of pdf which may or may not contain balance sheet analysis details.
According to us, the Balance Sheet Analysis PDF means a tool that accepts pdf as input and output in excel, JSON or HTML tabular data.
Google got confused It's showing totally wrong and irrelevant results

What software/website is available for Balance Sheet Analysis of PDF’s

I don’t think there is any software available for balance sheet analysis pdf except This one link claims that it’s ratio analysis( from balance sheet data.
But they don’t work on PDF. You have to manually enter data into the web portal.