Balance Sheet Analysis in Few Minutes

Balance Sheet Analysis in Few Minutes
Balance Sheet Analysis in Few Minutes
Balance Sheet Analysis in Few Minutes
Balance Sheet Analysis in Few Minutes
Balance Sheet Analysis in Few Minutes

Balance Sheet Analysis

This balance sheet analysis tool by Techaroha helps you to read your balance sheet in a few minutes instead of hours or days. Try now for free[Link to Registration].

Have you analyze scan images of the Balance sheet. A typical balance sheet may consist of 20 to 400 pages.  

Finding the right pages of Notes, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Profit and Loss take hours. 

After that, you have to pick up each value required to decide the credit factor of the customer. Which add another few hours to your work.

Well, now you don’t have to worry. Techaroha’s tool of Balance sheet Analysis reduces all your burden and save your worthy time, which can be used for some other more productive purposes.

What is the Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

Balance Sheet Analysis Tool is an online Software that helps you to quickly convert the dirty scan image PDF files of Balance Sheet into meaningful data.

Well, this tool not limited to scan pdf images, huge pdf in the plain text format can be converted into meaningful data in no time.

It uses the mix of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Human Programming logic to give the highest accuracy than any other software available in the market.

Balance Sheet Analysis Tool ensures that you get a highly accurate output in no time.

Well, this tool solves two problems :


  1. Opening The Very Large PDF in your Computer
    1. When you open the big pdf in pdf reader it takes time, your system slows down. To handle this, the Balance Sheet tool quickly gives the shortlisted pdf as soon as you upload you with 100% accuracy in most of the cases.
    2. Now out of 100 Page Balance sheet, you have only 3-7 Pages to open, which can be handled by any computer efficiently and easily
  2. Finding meaningful Values
    1. Once our tool finds the Shortlisted pages, it uses computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to extract values from the PDF.
    2. Each value is extracted against the particulars like Trade receivable, Current Assets, Non-Current assets, etc.
    3. Values are displayed in the 

How the Balance Sheet Analysis Tool Works

It’s so simple. You can never imagine getting meaning data from the page will take 3 steps and a few minutes.

Nowadays a bank or auditor executive spends around 4-6 hours a day to just analyze the balance sheet which 100 pages long. 

Well now, we have Techaroha Balance Sheet Analysis tool which takes less than a few minutes to work.

So how do this works

  1. After the registration user will upload the documents with just drag and drop. Hey if your file is very large don’t worry we got you covered. Our global located server and high-end technology will ensure that your file is uploaded fast for balance sheet analysis. Please see below image to understand how it looks and works
  2. Once the file uploaded, it will take you to the details page, where you can always see the status. Within a minute of upload, you will see the shortlisted files , that are actually required to sanction or approve a loan based on the balance sheet. See the below image and understand how it looks. 
  3. Once the file is shortlisted wait for a minute more(depending upon the quality of image it may increase more than a minute). As soon as processing is done, the status will become completed. That means the balance sheet analysis tool has done the job, You can review the data in the tabular format.
  4. Download the excel sheet. You will see this icon. Click on it and download that on your local computer. Well, the work is not complete. Once the excel sheet is downloaded, please review it with human logic. The review will be very very easy since you have the shortlisted page, it may take a few minutes not more than that. In most cases actually will be more than 95% percent.
  5. Once the review is done you will have all the data in the excel format. You can submit it for further reviewing. If you need the output data in a specific format or you want to summarize values for your credit rating please [contact us over here] , we will customize the output as per your requirement.

Key Benefits of Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

  1. Gives shortlisted pages for user reviews, resulting in 100% accuracy.
  2. Reduces the time required by more than 90% to analyze balance sheet
  3. Categorized the particulars and figures into Assets, Liabilities, Current Assets, and NonCurrent Assets, etc. giving a clear picture to auditors and bankers for further analysis.
  4. Data can be downloaded in the excel format which is widely accepted by many other systems and it’s the most generalized format accepted by any credit software.
  5. Option to download shortlisted pages in pdf format will help the user to quickly analyze balance sheets even if they are too dirty for software to find out numbers. 

Key Features of Balance Sheet Analysis Tool by Techaroha

  1. Doesn’t rely 100% on computer Artificial intelligence, shortlisting of pages helps quick review by users. And quick review will give 100% accuracy with some modification by users.
  2. Available of cloud can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.
  3. Uses multiple Computer Vision and Machine Learning tools and SDK to improve accuracy.
  4. With every new PDF uploaded, we trained our model aggressively, improve the accuracy with your every use.

Want More ??

The finance world is huge and the sky’s the limit for the requirements of Finance Corporation. Well, our balance sheet analysis tool saves too much time and resources, but our many big clients have some specific requirements.

They want the output in a specific format. Big companies Want APIs to integrate into their system and many such requests.

Security Sensitive companies want an in-house system and multiple users. Or they want to implement the workflow along with the Balance Sheet Analysis tool. We are open to all requests and requirements of our esteemed clients.

We do custom development for them and give the output in their required format. If you have any such request don’t hesitate to contact us over here.

Any Ways What is Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is a statement prepared by a Chartered Accountants and Auditors. It can be defined as a statement of the assets, liabilities, equities, and capital of a business or organization at a particular point in time. The balance sheet details the balance of income and expenditure over the preceding period.

The balance sheet is mostly used by two persons, investors, and bankers or credit firms. Balance sheet along with Cash Flow Statement and Profit and Loss Statements helps Investors and NBFC to get a detailed insight into the business. With the help of balance sheet, creditors and investor gives money to Organization for further growth and procurement.

Why Balance Sheet is So Important

Running a business is not a cup of tea. Apart from managing products, services, support the most important thing an entrepreneur needs to manage the accounts.

If the account-keeping is good, it helps the businessman to take important decisions for the business. Apart from that, it helps them to convey and put a clear picture of finance in front of financiers and investors. This is done via the Balance Sheet.

A balance sheet gives a clear picture of money flow in the organization and year on year progress. Balance Sheet statement has 3 important sheets i.e Balance Sheet, Cash Flow statements and Profit, and Loss Statements

Balance Sheet gives a clear picture of

  1. Revenue 
  2. Incomes
  3. Inventory
  4. Costs
  5. Depreciation
  6. Taxes
  7. Charges
  8. Fees
  9. Assets
  10. Non Current Assest
  11. Liabliityes and many many more important parameters.

Why we need the Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

Well, the balance sheet analysis tool is required by Bankers, Investors, Creditors.

Whenever an Entrepreneur applier for finance or loan, the first thing people ask them is the balance sheet. No credit officer in the world can approve a loan without analyzing a Balance sheet.

But this balance sheet consists of 2-0 to 400 Pages. Each financial statement analysis takes 4 to 8 hours. First, the assessing officers need to shortlist the pages, then pick up the important values. In the world of computers, it’s such a waste of time for the same type of work.

This balance sheet analysis tool reduces the time required to balance sheet to a few minutes from several hours.

Banks, NBFC, auditors can save a lot of time and money if they use a balance sheet analysis tool. It will be huge cost and man hour saving.

This organization can apply those saved man hours to some more insightful work like bringing more and more business.

Who needs Balance Sheet Analysis Tool

Balance sheet analysis tool can be used by

  1. Bankers
  2. NBFC – Non-Banking financial corporations
  3. Credit Officers
  4. Auditors
  5. Accountants
  6. Chartered Accounts