XMR – Monero Mining With CPU Windows

XMR – Monero Mining With CPU Windows
XMR – Monero Mining With CPU Windows
XMR – Monero Mining With CPU Windows
XMR – Monero Mining With CPU Windows
XMR – Monero Mining With CPU Windows

Join Techaorha Pool For Monero Mining , India's First Mining Pool      Monero Mining in Windows CPU   Mine Monero in Your Windows CPU with Techaroha Mining Pool

Monero is the most highly growing Crypto Currency and as of today, Monero Mining is most profitable.

We know everyone wants Bitcoin, but as of today, it’s very difficult to mine and require a very high-end hardware. Those who don’t want to invest and are eager to enter the digital currency should start mining alt coin with investing any cash. Best altcoin available for mining includes Ether , Monero , Dash , Zcash and Many more.

Mining crypto currency is a new way to invest your computer power to earn more extra bucks especially for IT professional, or any one who has good knowledge of computer.

Are you late in Monero Mining?

The answer is NO, crypto currency is still at infant stage as well as the technology behind it. Many coins are available today to mine, this currency is widely used in countries like Japan, the US in India it has its presence in Bangalore and some more tier 1 cities. 

Those are new to the concept of crypto currency and have missed the gold rushed of Bitcoin and Ether should start immediately without even minutes of delays.With every delay, the difficulty is increased and the award is reducing.But the good thing is the value of the crypto currency is increasing daily exponentially.

Why should you mine monero?

In the early days of Bitcoin in  2010, it was easy to mine Bitcoin but it was very costly since the value of Bitcoin was in few dollars. But in the span of few years the value rosed to $4500+, many became millionaires because of early action. It’s your turn start mining Monero or Ether or Zcash.

Not it’s not possible to mine Bitcoin without heavy investment in hardware. The best option is to mine other currency.Best altcoin option available with the good return is Monero.

It’s your turn start mining Monero or Ether or Zcash.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Create  a Wallet
  2. Creating a monero wallet is mandatory before you start mining.
  3. The wallet can be created in many ways, for new user simplest way is to login into https://mymonero.com/  and click on create my wallet.
  4. You will be given a private login key, store that somewhere very very securely or write it down in your diary.
  5. Once you confirm you will get a wallet address,  something like this49nQhiueP1JgejXxua75QngNprtWMHmhQWxfxwDUAZohWTZuCvFjpuA4xsTB32De8UXjR8j9aM6kEFZuUp6C4Ak42E1fi45

How to Start Monero Mining in Windows CPU.

Remember if you have the graphic cards on your system/server/vps/desktop/laptop, please click over hereMining Monero with GPU – Graphics Card.

There are many CPU miners available for Windows few of them include Minerd , ClayMore , YAM Miner  and many more. This tutorial will explain CPU mining using ClayMore CPU Mining Software.

First download the software from here Claymore’s CryptoNote Windows CPU Miner v3.5

Right click on the respective file if your system is 32 bit right click on NsCpuCNMiner32 if it is  64 bit click on NsCpuCNMiner64 ,

Setting Permission to Admisntrator for Monero Mining with Techaroha Pool

In the Property Window set the permission as run as administrator.

Seting RUn as Permission to Administrator Monero for Mining Using Techaorha Mining Pool

You can see two bat files over there , pool 32bit.bat and pool 64bit.bat over there. Choose one account to your windows operating system.

Open the file and put following content to the file

  1. NsCpuCNMiner64.exe -o stratum+tcp://xmrpool.techaroha.com:3333 -u 47HbuFSvpvHfnE11t88jRGZ5TGG6QNv9b9s6c8w5e4kQH7LapjSDhsyMHKFKo9e34m8K32bZSg9JZ6uaKUYGTMfHRbBQxo7 -p x1
    -p x1

    #here try to understand the command
    # base command is NsCpuCNMiner64 -o [Pool Address] -u [your wallet address] -p [worker identifier or your email]

  2. Wait for Few Seconds Following Screen Will appear and this will ensure that mining has been started.
  3. Mine Monero with your Windows using Techarha Mining Pool
    Mine Monero with your Windows using Techarha Mining Pool

  4. To Start Monero Mining Click Here .

    Any queries, please contact us over here.

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