Monero Mining Pool In India

Monero Mining Pool In India
Monero Mining Pool In India
Monero Mining Pool In India
Monero Mining Pool In India
Monero Mining Pool In India

There are very few Monero Mining Pool in India compared to other developed countries. Mining monero is considered one of the most profitable mining in comparison to other popular cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin.

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Mining cryptocurrency is new business for today’s software professional’s. Many leading brands in countries in China, US and Japan have launched their own mining farm, much powerful than a traditional individual or group mining. Those you are new should start mining immediately and people who have started should start a more aggressive approach.

Mining crypto currency or altcoins in India using Techaorha Monero Mining Pool

Why Should One Start Mining?

If you have a powerful computer preferably with a graphics card you can start earning your additional income. Mining monero is very easy without much of your time and attention needed. It’s an easy source of income.It can grow much fold with a small investment in graphics card but again that’s not mandatory.

It can be a good revenue source for you and India as it’s generated without using much of our natural resources.Chinese are already bringing a lot of revenue to China through Bitcoin, Ether and Monero Mining.

How to Start Monero Mining in India?

An individual or organization can start monero mining with their existing computers. There are two ways you can join start monero mining in India first is solo mining other is joining monero mining pool. Monero mining pool available in India is

Join Techaorha Pool For Monero Mining , India's First Mining Pool

Solo Mining requires a lot of hardware investment and time required to mine a single block is too much. The best way is to join the monero mining poo.

In Mining Pool all the miners push their processing power hashes to one instance as a result block is mined quickly and the reward is distributed among all the miners, as a result, you start getting small amount regularly.

Monero mining pool in India is You can join the monero mining and follow the instruction to get started here.

How Much will I earn?

It’s very difficult to answer but all depends on your computer hash rate. Still, you can calculate your approximate earning using this link  “”

The more hashing power you have more you earn.

Why is India not much ahead in Mining?

  1. Awareness – Technology comes a bit late in India and hence no one is investing in Monero Mining
  2. Cost of GPU (Graphics Card) – Due to high taxes and no local brands, cost of GPU is high in India since all are imported.
  3. Cost of Power – Cost of Power in some states in India is high making currency mining a costly affair.But with high HashRate we can nullify the power cost.




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