Block Chain for Forest Department

Block Chain for Forest Department
Block Chain for Forest Department
Block Chain for Forest Department
Block Chain for Forest Department
Block Chain for Forest Department

Block Chain For Forest

We are well ware of the Forest.Forest Deforestation is being carried out to meet the demand of ever growing population. If this not checked today it may lead to UN imagine devastating situation.This article explains Block Chain for Forest can help to avoid such situation.

This article is gonna take time and you need to read it carefully to understand it. It’s for Obvious Reason that many of us are new to Block Chain.

Block Chain for Forest By Techaroha Solutions Private Limited
Block Chain for Forest By Techaroha Solutions Private Limited

Whats is Block Chain

Block Chain is highly encrypted decentralized  data of Records and Transactions. It’s ensures the ownership of the Asset( Block Chain for Forest assumes Trees and their product like Wood are the assets).

If you want to understand block chain in detail you can always refer this “Block Chain Fundamentals Index.“. For now just assume that “Block Chain ensures the Owner Ship of any Asset by an Individual or Corporation or any other entity”


More about Forest Department

Forest Department is too big for this article to Explain. In simple language forest department helps to conserve the forest , it’s inhabitants , plant trees and  in the mean time to cut down enough trees to meet the demand of citizens of India.

Now , here is the toughest challenge for the forest Department. They have to conserve the forest  as well as cut down the trees to meet the demand. To handle this forest department plants trees and each project is very long may last for 10 Years , 20 Years and many more.

Such important department with such a big challenge needs a robust system with huge data and long term project. The Only Solution is Block Chain.



Major Challenges with the Forest Department

  1. To ensure enough trees is planted for our coming generations
  2.  Cut down trees to meet the demand
  3.  Eliminate illegal cuttings
  4. Co-ordinate with other Departments to cut down trees for Development
  5. Engage with Corp orates to give them land for Industries Setup.
  6. To collect data from all Departments and Share the  consolidated reports to Ministers and Law Maker


Whats the Solutions for Forest Department


To keep track of each tree being planted and ensure that they grow to the expectations. Scheduled regular inspection with automated tools like Drone or GIS. To have a robust software software which can handle this data. Software like Plantation monitoring system developed by Techaroha can help.

Have software to allot budget to officers and ensure that every rupee is spent as planned.Block the holes for budget slippage if any.

Legal and Illegal Cutting Down Trees

Illegal cutting of trees is a loss of tree , lost of forest and lost of revenue that can be used for many good works by State Governments. This is where block chain can help. We will see this later.

Illegal cutting down of trees can be prevented by proper surveillance and squad. But this system are in place and have not being so effective.

“Best way to Prevent Illegal cutting is to make the value of illegal cut down woods to nothing. This is the only to ensure that no people will be cutting trees illegally. How this can be achieved.

By tracking the source of each wood made product.Making a national or state level Supply Chain Management System for Forest Department which can track trees , it’s cutting and it’s final product. This will ensure that how much stock supplier have , how he proceed the wood , any thing else will come under the subject of law and action can be taken against him. Eliminating trees cutting over a period of time.

Even the plantation and seeds can be tracked to give good values to the cut down trees. 

Such a big Supply Chain to End Product is only possible thorough Block Chain for Forest.”

Block Chain Function Flow To Prevet Forest by Techaroha
Block Chain Function Flow To Prevet Forest by Techaroha

Block Chain for Forest Detail Explanation of Solutions


Many Corp-orates around the globe are using Block Chain to manage supply chain. Block Chain ensures the records in digital system are as good as signed document.

With the help of Block Chain companies can track the exact origin of product. Origin of all the raw material is tracked as well to ensure the good product.

Tracking origin of product and raw material ensures that all the product is coming form good and authentic source. Same principle can be applied for Wooden Products , which can be used to track the origin of Raw Material i.e Trees.

With Block Chain in places government will know who owns the woods and who has produced the final. If Some one who have not purchased the wood from authorized vendor or department will be cached in the eyes of authority and respective action can be taken by the Government Agencies.

If forest product obtained through legal channel is allowed to be sold in market , the value of illegal products will go down considerably. This will serve as big blow to illegal cutters and will save the forest , reduce deforestation and eventually save the environment.

“Block Chain for Forest is the only solution to save our forest.”

You want any help with Block Chain For Forest Department you can always contact us over here.