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Hyperledger Application Development in India
Hyperledger Application Development in India
Hyperledger Application Development in India
Hyperledger Application Development in India

Why Hyperledger?

Basic question needs to be answered

Hyperledger is the only Enterprise Blockchain Development Platform.
Open Source Project Supported by Linux Foundation.
Supported by big corporation like IBM.
Biggest community compared to other competitive platforms.
Permission Blockchain , must for Business Transactions.
No need of Crypto-currency.
Hyperledger is 100% free and don't have any subscription charges.

Need of Hyperledger!

Government , Big Corporation , Bank and Financial Institution all are taking about Blockchain. Blockchain become popular with the success of Bitcoin. Blockchain is the core technology behind Bitcoin.

Research over years have prove that Blockchain can bring revolutionary changes to the functioning of organization , governments and bring many goods in the life of common Man.

Blockchain will bring transparency , it will eliminate corruption , it will eliminate middle man. Each aspect of our society can be transform for wellness of our people.Many CEO and even Prime Minister of India(Mr. Narendra Modi) has spoken of importance of Blockchain and how it can remove poverty and bring the fair prices to the Farm producers.

Developing blockchain applications needed a platform where individual and organization can develop and implement Blockchain. So Hyperledger is launched.

Hyperledger is the only platform which ensures easy development of application , identity of each participant (This is a major challenge with other blockchain network) and permission network. This few property are very important if corporate and governments want to implement the blockchain applications.

BlockChain OffSite Resources
  1. Hyperledger Developers work in Our Office Premises.
  2. This developer is completely devoted for the client and is available for communication during any working hours.
  3. Such arrangement is good since it brings all our developers together in case of a serious bug or any complications.
  4. Seniors and Management are always available in case any guidance required.
  5. Screen Monitoring is available in case required.
  6. Infrastructure setup cost of the client is reduced.
BlockChain Onsite Resoruces
  1. This is good for large corporate clients where all infrastructure is available.
  2. Hyperledger Developers are available onsite on client locations anywhere in India or abroad.
  3. Project Manager or Consultant is available on the Periodic basis to discuss high-end design and issues.
  4. Billing is done on the basis of approved time sheet by clients.
  5. This model ensures the good face to face communication and good teamwork.
  6. This model reduces dependency since hand’s on knowledge is shared with clients team as well.

Why Hyperledger Developers from Techaroha?