Block Chain and AI Partner

Techaroha is a Block chain and AI Company, company based in India (Mumbai) founder by Shailendra Bramhvanshi, Umesh Mahadik, Sagar Salukne in 2013.
Techaroha Provides services related to Block Chain and AI Applications. Techaroha technical team consist of Full Stack developer with expertise on Node Js, Angular Js, Solidity, Go Lang, Block Chain, AI, Hyperledger and Ethereum Smart Contract.
Functional expertise of Techaroha includes Crypto Currency, ICO, Crypto Currency Exchange, Margin Trading exchanges are few of the many functional expertise offered by Techaroha.
It provides IT services and solutions towards application development, product development, Mobile Application Development, Maintenance & Support, SugarCRM, PHP Development, and Sales Process Automation to its clients.
With “Customer Satisfaction” as our prime objective, our solutions are made for our customers and designed for our client’s needs, using industry standard methodologies and best of technologies which are value for money. Techaroha teams make sure the customer has goods ROI on their investment in software automation.
With its committed focus on new and emerging technologies, Techaroha has become one of the preferred solution providers of most of its customers in the web and internet domain, providing a comprehensive one stop solution in the areas of internet applications, customer relationship management of legacy systems.

Why Techaroha and its Strength

Techaroha policy is simple and clear. If you want to stay in Competition you need to be updated and should have an hands on latest technologies. And most important Team is the strength.
Techaroha recognizes the importance of disturbing new technologies. To get an edge over the market and competitors a dedicated team works towards the current trend in IT sector. Senior teams get the hands on new technologies, develops new POC. Then our training process starts. This ensures that development team is well aware of the technology and they have hands on experience with it.
Above process is the reason that Techaroha team has become one of the leading service provider of Block Chain and AI services. Team has delivered several projects in Block Chain technology. This include development of new crypto currency, new crypto currency exchange and few POC in Hyperledger. Techaroha has also launched 3 ICO for its clients which have performed great in the market.


Block Chain Application Using Hyperledger
Crypto Currency Development
Crypto Exchange Development
ICO Launchpad
D Apps
Smart Contracts
Block Chain Resources
Block Chain Corporate Training
Mining Pool Setup
Mining Farm Setup
BlockChain Development, Hyperledger, Crypto Currency,D Apps, Block Chain Resources

Our Vision is to be a company of Technological Excellency in the field of Information and Technology. Techaroha wants to integrate Block Chain in to the daily life of People to bring trust, transparency and efficiency, help environment and reduce corruption. Techaroha aims to be one of top Block Chain Service Provider company in the coming time.


Our Mission is to work with our customers and help them to achieve their business goals through our IT services and solutions which will add value to their business. Developing software with high availability and security and help our clients to grow around the globe. Make technology like Block Chain and AI available to all.

AI Implementation,AI Applications,Machine Learning with Techaroha

AI Applications

Image Recognition application using Tensor Flow
Google Machine Learning API Integration
AWS Machine Learning API Integration
AI Developer's
AI Application for Object Detection
AI Application for Content Parsing(Resume)

Brief History of Techaroha

Though officially Techaroha was registered as corporate in November 2015, its work started in 2013 as a small SugarCRM company name as 'The Missing Floor'. Founders has the expertise in SugarCRM and hence choose the path.
With SugarCRM as core domain we serve Netmagic a multi billion dollar company for implementing SugarCRM for their sales process. Along with Netmagic we have deployed SugarCRM in NTT via third party contract. Our other clients include Adogreen, Universities and telecom industry. Techaroha has domain expertise of Cloud Server Provider, Education Institution, Recruitment Company for SugarCRM Customization.
Techaroha has delivered many application in PHP, Yii Framewok and Laravel Framework. This were custom application well integrated with Mobile App using API's.
In 2016, with the increase popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum management team decided to explore the possibilities of Block Chain in industrial application. With time and experience and with the help our experts sales team Techaroha is delivering Projects in Block Chain.
Since then we have launched several application. It includes ICO, New Crypto Currency, Crypto currency exchange, POC in Hyperledger and many others.