Block chain for government, corporate, financial institution with Techaroha

Techaroha Team for BlockChain Project Development

Techaroha Team helps its clients with the implementation of their idea and bring the idea into reality with a dedicated of experienced professional. BlockChain Project Development services provided by Techaroha helps the client to focus on the concept, marketing, and user adoption, while Techarohra team take care of the Techincal Part of the BlockChain Project.

Techaroha Solutions Private Limited is one of leading service provider for BlockChain Project Development in India and BlockChain Consultancy in India.The management team has vast experience in various industries domain which helps clients to fine-tune their concept for better adoption and usability.

Techaroha follows agile process ensuring delivery of the project in phase manner with a sprint of 1-2 weeks as per clients requirement. If the client has the very robust specifications of the project we also work on water flow model of project execution.In both the cases, Techaroha ensures the delivery of the project in a timely manner within the budget.

Achievements of Techaroha

1. At the early stage, Techaroha Started mining of Crypto Currency and recently created India's first monero mining pool.

2. Techaroha is working with Leading Banks on the concept of E-Cheque a BlockChain Project, this project is still under development stage.

3. Techaroha has suggested many project and concepts to Various Companies and Department, here is the list of BlockChain Projects and Concepts by Techaroha Solutions Private Limited

3. All the developers of Techaroha are certified with BlockChain essentials certificate by IBM.

Why Techaroha for BlockChain Development?

The blockchain is being used in many developed countries in last few years.Many Government and Private Organization, the especially banking sector in developed countries have realized the importance of this technology. The organization is devoting their resources to become the exclusive solution provider in this domain.

In India, there are very companies which are working towards the implementation of BlockChain and acquire the expertise of the same. Techaroha Team and Management realize the potential of this Technology much before its competitor and have started developing the application. Becuase of an early start, Techaroha Team has more expertise than any other company in India.

Techaroha team has a hand on experience in handling the complex architecture of development in peer to peer distributed network. The team has developed a distributed application for Document Processing in with reduced cost and improve efficiency with 0% vulnerability to attacks. The team is well aware of different platforms like Ethererum, HyperLedger etc. used for distributed application development and their respective programming languages like Solididty.

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