Launch your own crypto currency with Techaroha

Launch Cryptocurrency

Block chain has revolutionize the industry. Till now the people who have controlled the economy are threaten by the rise of popularity of the Block chain technology. Block chain offers a unique thing nobody would have ever imagined. With Block chain technology individual, corporate and government can launch currency popularly term as Cryptocurrency. Techaroha teams helps its client to Launch Cryptocurrency.


Blockchain is a public ledger where every information is public available and and its encrypted by strong military grade Algo. Only ledger owner can modify the records in Block Chain.
This unique characteristics of Block Chain helps us to create our own currency. Block Chain is a public ledger, so once you Launch Cryptocurrency apart form Premine coins every things is out of control even founders of Cryptocurrency can't control that.
This helps the global users to trust cryptocurrency and invest in the same for good returns.

Things required for Launching a Coin

1. Coin Name
2. Coin Ticker (Symbol)
3. Total Number of Coins (Max Supply)
4. Percentage of Premine
5. Percentage Available to Miners
6. Block Rewards Time
7. Block Rewards Quantity
Apart from Luanching Coin Owners also needs to launch the ICO to make it Popuplar. This ICO Launch link will explain you more about the ICO.

Launch Cryptocurrency – How Techaroha can help

Techaroha has experts team of Block chain and Web developers who have launched several projects in past related to ICO and Coin Devlopment0. Coin Development requires a diversified team with specific knowledge of Block Chain, Web development, Designing, NodeJs and AngularJs. Techaroha has one of the best team well verse with the require technologies.
Along with technical team Techaroha testing team is experience in checking the block chain application and well understand the block chain and crypto concepts which ensures quality product is delivered.
Techaroha Management and Marketing team ensures that every requirement of client is taken with detail attention and is put before the development team. With all the things well documented communication gap is reduced and best product is delivered to the client.