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What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is the leading software platform which is used to record transactions of digital assets like Bitcoin. It's the backbone of decentralized cryptocurrency and is used to create the public ledger of any digital assets.
With the Success of Bitcoin, many organization has started exploring the possibility of use of Block Chain in different areas of including many governments around the globe. Block Chain can be used to manage any form asset and supply chain. They can be used to complete automated contracts and reduce the cost by many folds compared to current system.
The major advantage of BlockChain is it brings the transparency, robustness, and trust. Techaroha Solutions Private Limited provides services to develop an application for private and open blockchain.
Techaroha Team's consist for BlockChain Developers with mid to high experience professional, they can cater to the need of any clients and projects. Techaroha Team also runs the First Crypto Currency Mining Pool in India for Monero and is many miners connected to it.

Why BlockChain?

Though blockchain was initially implemented for Bitcoin, we can say that Bitcoin is just one of the application of Block Chain, it has a very vast scope and many applications can be created in order to bring more transparency and robustness.Many Applications like Property Registration System, Resume Managment, Asset like a car, mobile management everything can be developed in Block Chain, which will bring more transparency in the current system and will reduce the risk of collapse and system or server failure. With the participation of individuals and community, it is ensured that application will never go down and will put everything into public view.

What you Can Do With BlockChain?

Possibilities with BlockChain is limitless and it can change the ways current system with Central System Works.

  • You can compete with Ola and Uber.
  • You can Start your own search engine like Google.
  • Simplify the way Documents are Exchanged while Employee Joining.
  • Simplify the way in which Documents are exchanged while processing Loans and Other Contracts.
  • Open the Car/Truck/Vehicles details to world eliminating fraud and easy sale and purchase.
  • Property registration can be made fraud-free and high cost can be eliminated via BlockChain.
  • Medical records can be made easily accessible to all doctors and health service delivery can be improved.
  • Hotel Booking site can be developed to eliminate the cost of the middleman.
  • Agriculture stock movement, an ownership change can be tracked to improve the supply change and ensure good price to Farmers while reducing the involvement of middleman.
  • Robust voting system can be developed with BlockChain Technology.
  • GST invoices raised/paid by anyone one can be tracked in real-time to eliminate fraud in over Taxing.
  • Raised the crowdfund for your project with tokens issued.

Possibilities are many, Techaroha Team can help you to solve any of the above problems with experts consultancy and development team to ensure the timely delivery of the Project within the planned budget.

Why Techaroha for BlockChain Development?

The blockchain is being used in many developed countries in last few years. Many Government and Private Organization, the especially banking sector in developed countries have realized the importance of this technology. The organization is devoting their resources to become the exclusive solution provider in this domain.
In India, there are very companies which are working towards the implementation of BlockChain and acquire the expertise of the same.Techaroha Team and Management realize the potential of this Technology much before its competitor and have started developing the application. Becuase of an early start, Techaroha Team has more expertise than any other company in India.
Techaroha team has a hand on experience in handling the complex architecture of development in peer to peer distributed network. The team has developed a distributed application for Document Processing in with reduced cost and improve efficiency with 0% vulnerability to attacks.The team is well aware of different platforms like Ethererum, HyperLedger etc. used for distributed application development and their respective programming languages like Solididty.
Team member of Techaroha Team is certified in BlockChain Essentials by IBM for application development.

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