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149216331558123SugarCRM is a open source web based application. It requires good application and database server. There is a cost involve in maintaining the application and the server as well. For small and medium industries, the server maintenance cost become too much and the solution often become expensive compare to other paid application.

To solve the hurdle, Techaroha has introduce a cloud based solution for small and medium scale industry, where they just pay a subscription fee and start using the application. All the product update news feature are available to the user. Maintenance cost and application server cost is shared among the users. Automate your sales, marketing and support processes using SugarCRM. This cloud solution that gives every sales, marketing and support user the ability to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers.


 SugarCRM Plugin for SMSsup1

While maintaining relationship with customer various means of communication is required. CRM comes with all types of tools to communicate with customer. In SugarCRM SMS was login and hence this plugin is created. SMS plugin allows user to send sms to Leads and Contacts. User Can Send SMS to Single or Multiple Contacts/Leads. Can be installed on multiple version of SugarCRM.

Developer can use the objects to implement the workflow. User can select any SMS gateway among the available options including Exetel, Smsgatewayhub, clickatell



 Transport Management System

Commercial transportation faces Numbers of complexity, while delivering the goods from one place to another.To make it more reliable transportation management needs to be a highly effectively and for this it require more transportation accuracy, speed and flexibility than ever before. Managing transportation requires Proper Planning, organising, order tracking, forward orders and many more.

Transport Management system (TMS) is a software application designed to manage and optimize the transportation operation.The software highly configure with every individual need. Transport Management System provides you a simple, powerful and effective way to manage your pickups & Deliveries. you can easily track your truck by allowing Truck Tracking option. Its a fully managed application software platform that helps your business to manage and track the dynamic field workforce. Transport Management system (TMS) will automate most of your operational tasks, giving you time to do what you do best and look after your customers and grow your business.Read more...